COUNTING MY BLESSINGS- Part #3 – Similiarities

People assume because we don’t understand the music. We have nothing in common in with Native Americans. I disagree and count this as a blessing . As I continue to do the studying on Spirit,both as a Christian and as someone with a deep respect of cultures lost.

I find myself thinking that it is a sad that we all don’t take a closer look at both our cultures and theirs. The above song is sung in Cheyenne. I have found nothing any more beautiful  than this version. ( Yes I realize that the are hundreds and maybe even thousands that would disagree with me. and Hey that okay. That’s what makes our land great is the fact we can have a difference of opinion.)

By the same token It is still Amazing Grace whether it in Cheyenne, On Bagpipes, on American Flute, Celtic or whatever version you love. The rich history/cultures of our country are being lost.

Now I am not Native American in any way shape or form and I am not here to get into political debates on what was or what will be or should have been. My Great Great Great uncle Henry H. Cross was an Indian Painter. Most of his works are on exhibit at the Gilchrist Museum in Tulsa Oklahoma. (And if you call a head before you go they will tell you when they will be on exhibit.) Having grown up with these paintings I have looked into the face of a Painting (that now hangs in my sister’s house.) That painting is of a Chief by the name of (I hope I get this right) Ha-Pinka-paw Harness ( And I truly pray that I have that correct because the last thing I would want to do is dishonor the Chief) You see he has served as protector of our house for more years than I can remember. He (always to me at least)seemed so sad. As if he was losing his family or tribe. His face with deep lines  and those ever watching eyes.

If I could do one thing in my life. I would like to know more about the Chief in the picture. The rumor of him being one of the twelve that were hung at the time of the Indian Wars has never been confirmed.  To me he is a man of great strength and sadness.

But isn’t that true of all cultures. We decide to stand up for something and it seems the minute we do, we find people trying to stop us or trying to take something away. Just like the true forefathers of this country, they were here before the founding Father’s and they will be here long after the immigrants  are gone.

so as a blessing I look to the fine heritage of  the people that were here before the founding fathers that put Washington on the Map. I am thankful that I have had the ability to see that we are different but Deep down inside we are still the same. We all worship a Spirit, (Holy Spirit) We pray to our God, and all hope for a better future for all of the cultures on this great nation.

Everything Good, Counting blessings part 2

My husband of Twenty-six years and I have been through a lot together. All of it seems to happen a year a part. Let me explain:

We were married in Jan of 1987, my father died in October of 1987. We lost my father-in-law in 1988. Then there were deaths of some of our favorite uncle’s, aunts, and so on right up until the deaths of our Mother’s mine in July of 2010,and his in June of 2011.

In that time he and I have gone through money problems due to said divorces, his kids getting to know me and adjusting accordingly.(I am happy to Say that his sons in my book are my son’s.)

We have traveled well over 2,000,000 miles in the box the size of an 8×8 room. (Cab of a semi truck,), saw Disney land on both coasts, Knots Berry Farm, King’ s Island, and gambled in
Both Atlantic city and Las Vegas.

We have fought over bills, golf, bowling, and even had a skunk live under our trailer in Greenwood, Indiana.(not a pleasant time- to remove skunk from under a mobile home remove under pinning just far enough to throw in a can of some sort of bug fogger under the trailer. Then leave for the afternoon. Skunks will leave also Usually with out spraying the trailer. Second advantage to that, it will get rid of any unwanted spiders, ticks roaches or ants)

But I will forever count him as one of the good Lord’s blessings to me. Because he has been there throughout all my problems. The man has stayed by me when most people would have called it quits years ago.

Thank you Holt B. Weyant for being a blessing and the love of my life.

Counting my Blessings

 In recent months I have forgotten just how important the above  the above video really is.  We get so wrapped up in a  world of house work and kids that we don’t realize how lucky we really are.  Granted I don’t have kids at home but looking into jobs, and worrying what’s going to happen in the world today for our grandchildren. Makes you worry until there is no way out sometimes.

So taking the advice from the song. I’m counting my Blessings.

1.) Jesus- He came to save us from ourselves. 2.) Let us be thankful that The Lord Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit are always with us and will hear our needs no matter how we speak them.

” For the Great Spirit is everywhere. He hears whatever is in our minds and hearts, and it is not necessary to speak to him in a loud voice.”

Black Elk (Oglala Lakota)

Black Elk Oglala Lakota



First day of spring.

Spring is here at least according to the weatherman. But when it’s less than twenty degrees at night it’s kinda hard to believe it. Even through the neighbors crocus are blooming and the Robins and Blue birds are here.

The skies are beautiful. And the old saying March comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion is appropriate this March. With more snow and rain mix planned for the weekend.

But today in the air even though it was brisk there was something in the air that gave the feeling of Spring. Maybe it was the idea of it. But the smell was different.

So even though it’s cold out take a deep breath and see if you notice it also. Maybe it is because Easter is a short week away.

But may we all be blessed, during this season of renewal.