New author no support.

I stay in contact with one or two younger authors that are just starting out. One asked me not to use her name she has her contract but has not picked the name she is using to publish under yet. And the second woman like me Isn’t worried about things.

The debate in question was and I quote “Why is it so hard for new authors to get  reviews to help them out. Jane told me that she can’t even get her sister to read her book. And Terri (the lady with the contract) said that she had lots of critique  buddies so she has lots of review help.

In my own experience I seem to have people that are buying my book but don’t want to help by putting up a review? I have even gone as far as (like any author) and bought the books and sent the books out for review and still nothing.

Jane believes that it is because family don’t want to believe that the person has done well. Terri thinks it’s pure shock that a new author has got the contract to begin with.

Well I don’t have critique partners because I drove semi and  never got to join a critique group because I never felt it was right that someone would help me and then me not be able to participate fully with the group.

So how does one motivate people to review?
Time money and effort or pure tenacity?

Thoughts, discussion or how about a mud flinging contest?

2 comments on “New author no support.

  1. I’d say tenacity. It’s not only new authors who struggle finding people to review their work, it’s experience authors as well. It’s one of the reasons so many of them have formed “street teams” of people who are already their fans and can help spread the word about their new releases to new readers. It just takes time. And it’s how you often discover a new to YOU author who has 10 or more books out and you wonder if you’ve been living under a rock to have missed them the whole time.

    Being in a critique is difficult, especially if you don’t feel like you’re making an equal contribution. But, that’s why I find a few people to work with. When they finish their MS, they send it over and when I finish mine I send it. We work at out own pace and there’s no pressure.

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