2273 Words on a New Kindle App!

As many of you know I got a kindle Christmas. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. Well it is great for playing games as words with friends or angry birds ( that’s one game that is plumb addicting. Who knew trying to blow up piggies with some tiny birds could be so relaxing.) Of course there’s words with friends, and scrabble,along with just about anything else you could imagine.

There are literally thousands of books on very subject under the sun. And you can get them for free.

But what I found yesterday is just too cool I am probably the last person on earth to know about this writing app called MY WRITING SPOT. I haven’t it long enough to figure out how to get it synchronized with my computer yet. So I am not sure it will work. But for only $2.99 I am loving it.

I am forever standing in line or being held up for something (Doctor is late again) really used to bore me to tears. But I downloaded it yesterday and I already have put together 3 chapters  that’s 2273 words  on a new story on my Kindle.

I should mention that it comes with dictionary and thesaurus and I really haven’t worried to much about it because I got a dictionary with my Kindle. Pre loaded and ready to go.

I figure with this kind of convenience even if I have to go back and retype everything And delete the file. I have made my money back on the app.

So cool so it’s back to work for now.

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