Days like Yesterday would make a good story.

Yesterday was a humdinger when it comes to getting anything done. I got up yesterday so I could go to a job interview only to find out that it was scheduled for next week. Then I had to take my hubby’s truck in to the mechanics because the heater wasn’t working. (Thank goodness it was fairly warm). I got there and the mechanic told me he’d take me to the mall so I didn’t have to wait at the shop because his heat wasn’t working right.

At the mall I went and got the nose pieces fixed on my glasses.  While sitting there doing nothing. My hubby calls and tells me he has a long lunch because the truck he is to take on his load isn’t back to the yard so he could come eat lunch with me. So meeting him at the Applebee’s I ordered us lunch and waited on him. We sat there and he left to go back to work. The mechanic called and said I needed to find a way home because he wasn’t done with the truck because it was electrical. So a neighbor came and got me (and took me back today to pick it up today.)

I found out that my twitter account had been hacked. (again I apologize) so i had to change my passwords again. I changed them again today just to be sure. and I found out I’d left something important at the Applebee’s.

The saving grace to the whole day yesterday was the interview that was up on Priscilla Shay’s blog.

this has been days that give fodder to the thought.

Oh update. My internship has turned into a part time job. (YEAH)

3 comments on “Days like Yesterday would make a good story.

  1. Hope what you left at the Applebee’s was returned and congrats on the job!!

  2. Gwyn,

    Congratulations on the job. I’m sure that the fact that you did an internship there will make the transition in to a job easier.

    Glad you got whatever it was that you left at Applebee’s back.

    Yesterday’s events as a possible blog, maybe, but I see it working better as an element in a short story on the happenings while searching for a position.

    Keep on…


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