No place for a dreamer.

Her parents told the little girl:
You can be anything you want. You can grow up to be president, congress and God Forbid a Democrat .
You can do anything you want as long as you listen to us.
You can do anything you like as long as it falls into the guidelines and you become just like your sister the nurse,lawyer, doctor. But you can’t be a dreamer.

We can’t have you embarrassing us. So get out of the book and do your homework.
Practice your instrument, Do the dishes but don’t waste your time with having an imagination.
That will never get you anywhere in life. Look at that child he/or she is nothing but a dreamer,
She’ll never amount to anything. You just have to stay on her at all times or she’ll will be nothing but trouble.

Who would have believed it She has dreamed herself right into the movies, a television career, she has published a book. she just solved the crime of the century. He is a federal agent.
Who would have believed it. She is walking the stage for her Oscar.
You know she wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without her parents and family pushing her.

She was always such a dreamer. She never comes home she is just a ungrateful child. Oh she ran away a long time ago. Drugs I think, I heard she’s living in some fancy place out west.
Oh no, don’t you know the only fancy place she is living in is the mental hospital .

Well she always was a dreamer. You can’t do anything with these kids these days. Dreamers just don’t live up to expectations. Well excuse me. She couldn’t live up to expectations that were so high that she couldn’t hit the mark. her sister is the lawyer and her brother is a doctor.
OH Yes, her sister became a lawyer after having two kids by the time she was nineteen. Her brother the doctor was hurt when the meth lab he and a friend blew up killing the friend.

You dare to put her down for being a dreamer. What did she ever do so horrible but want to act, want to write, want to dance, or write music. But she was a dreamer and there is no place in our lives for dreamers.

New author no support.

I stay in contact with one or two younger authors that are just starting out. One asked me not to use her name she has her contract but has not picked the name she is using to publish under yet. And the second woman like me Isn’t worried about things.

The debate in question was and I quote “Why is it so hard for new authors to get  reviews to help them out. Jane told me that she can’t even get her sister to read her book. And Terri (the lady with the contract) said that she had lots of critique  buddies so she has lots of review help.

In my own experience I seem to have people that are buying my book but don’t want to help by putting up a review? I have even gone as far as (like any author) and bought the books and sent the books out for review and still nothing.

Jane believes that it is because family don’t want to believe that the person has done well. Terri thinks it’s pure shock that a new author has got the contract to begin with.

Well I don’t have critique partners because I drove semi and  never got to join a critique group because I never felt it was right that someone would help me and then me not be able to participate fully with the group.

So how does one motivate people to review?
Time money and effort or pure tenacity?

Thoughts, discussion or how about a mud flinging contest?

2273 Words on a New Kindle App!

As many of you know I got a kindle Christmas. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. Well it is great for playing games as words with friends or angry birds ( that’s one game that is plumb addicting. Who knew trying to blow up piggies with some tiny birds could be so relaxing.) Of course there’s words with friends, and scrabble,along with just about anything else you could imagine.

There are literally thousands of books on very subject under the sun. And you can get them for free.

But what I found yesterday is just too cool I am probably the last person on earth to know about this writing app called MY WRITING SPOT. I haven’t it long enough to figure out how to get it synchronized with my computer yet. So I am not sure it will work. But for only $2.99 I am loving it.

I am forever standing in line or being held up for something (Doctor is late again) really used to bore me to tears. But I downloaded it yesterday and I already have put together 3 chapters  that’s 2273 words  on a new story on my Kindle.

I should mention that it comes with dictionary and thesaurus and I really haven’t worried to much about it because I got a dictionary with my Kindle. Pre loaded and ready to go.

I figure with this kind of convenience even if I have to go back and retype everything And delete the file. I have made my money back on the app.

So cool so it’s back to work for now.

What romance means to me.

The caress of her cheek,  the flowers that arrived for no reason. The day spent with a young girl whose mother your trying to impress.

Fixing someone dinner because you can, not because you have to. Sitting in a comfortable silence and speaking volumes. Talking for hours and not saying anything.

Watching the man your falling in love with care for your child. Having him care enough to argue with you, and still be willing to hold you.

Holding you. Does not mean rushing you to bed. While pretending to care.

Romance and Love manifests itself So old or new romance never goes out of style.

Days like Yesterday would make a good story.

Yesterday was a humdinger when it comes to getting anything done. I got up yesterday so I could go to a job interview only to find out that it was scheduled for next week. Then I had to take my hubby’s truck in to the mechanics because the heater wasn’t working. (Thank goodness it was fairly warm). I got there and the mechanic told me he’d take me to the mall so I didn’t have to wait at the shop because his heat wasn’t working right.

At the mall I went and got the nose pieces fixed on my glasses.  While sitting there doing nothing. My hubby calls and tells me he has a long lunch because the truck he is to take on his load isn’t back to the yard so he could come eat lunch with me. So meeting him at the Applebee’s I ordered us lunch and waited on him. We sat there and he left to go back to work. The mechanic called and said I needed to find a way home because he wasn’t done with the truck because it was electrical. So a neighbor came and got me (and took me back today to pick it up today.)

I found out that my twitter account had been hacked. (again I apologize) so i had to change my passwords again. I changed them again today just to be sure. and I found out I’d left something important at the Applebee’s.

The saving grace to the whole day yesterday was the interview that was up on Priscilla Shay’s blog.

this has been days that give fodder to the thought.

Oh update. My internship has turned into a part time job. (YEAH)