Jealousy, (Or so called showing support.)

Recently as you all know I joined the family of published authors at Boroughs publishing Group. I have been doing my best to show my support to all the Boroughs Family. But I have to tell you what happened to me.

I was contacted by a woman from another publishing company. I have known her for better than ten years. Who gave me a stern talking to because She didn’t think I had any right what so ever to be supporting anyone.1.) because it wasn’t in Christian publishing, and I had better realize that If I didn’t write Christian fiction I would never get anywhere with my career. I was informed that it didn’t do anyone any good to support members of their publishing group. Because no one ever showed any love back. “They don’t encourage any one they are just out for themselves.”

Well excuse me. But I’m taking exception to this. I told the woman that I was sorry that she felt left out. But was it really the support she objected to or the fact she was jealous because someone had gotten the recognition she thought it should have been hers.

People Lets face fact there is enough respect to go around. It doesn’t matter whether its Christian, thrillers, horror or poetry. We all have to pull together. I’ll be honest sure I’d like to have more attention by my fellow authors. However, I have to earn that right.

No One likes being left out. But this isn’t High School. Professionalism is important in our work. So we all need to act like one. This is a career that has to be worked constantly. So To whoever has won an award, got their name in a news letter, Newspaper, or Just needs a “Atta Boy”. You have one from me. PLEASE PAY IT FORWARD.

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