How True this is !!!!


Recently, I had a discussion with a good friend.about my attitude. And while I agree that my attitude hasn’t been the best. Worrying about jobs, income and such the one thing I have never been worried about is where I stood with our lord.

Okay we all have bad moods. We all have attitudes. That doesn’t mean we are missing a thing that GOD tells us.  So Please world before you start telling someone that their attitude is keeping them from missing out on the teachings of our Lord. Please be very sure of what your saying.

I found out that with my attitude that i’m much more aware of the Lord’s teachings. I question everything in my life but one and THAT IS WHERE I STAND WITH THE LORD.

So before you tell someone else how to live their lives be sure of what you say. Don’t make them question the one thing that they have never questioned.

The Words Written in RED of the Greatest Story ever.

Thank you Tami for making me come to terms with a few things by posting the above picture.




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