Confusion. On my Kindle.

So I got this Kindle Fire for Christmas. And downloaded a book from amazon with no problem.(Jill limber’s Montana Morning good book.)

So I decide to go to my publisher’s website and download ten of the lunchbox series(that is the series my book is in.) The first downloads. I can’t. Open and so I download to my computer so I can upload to my Kindle. Well I have just lost another. Of the downloads.

Maybe I am not very techno savvy but this is getting a bit absurd. I am not completely moron but I am beginning to feel this way. Getting ready to call kindle and have them walk me through it.

If someone doesn’t hear from me by the fifth of the month please see if they have hauled me away in a straight jacket.

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  1. […] Confusion. On my Kindle. ( […]

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