Newest member of my family..


A sweet orphan by the name of Lollypop was found after her
Momma died. The human named Patty
took good care of her.But the farm is a lonely world for a orphan kitten and those cows are just soo big.

Then Patty gave her to a family that wanted to be her family. So she went from the farm in Missouri to living in a condo in Indiana. Being scared Lollypop found the dryer to hide behind.

Soon she was dug out by the new woman by the name of Gwyn. She taught Lollypop that they would love her and care for her.

Lollypop likes her new home she sleeps on a warm comforter and has her humans that love her. Even the man by the name of Holt plays with her. He bought her a mouse that has catnip in it.

Lollypop has decided she likes her new home and these humans that think they’re boss. Lollypop knows that she rules the house . How could she not she is too cute not too.

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