New life into old characters and stories.

Is it possible to take a story your not happy with and breath new life into them?

I believe there is. What I have found is that it may not be so much the story as not knowing your characters .

Let’s say you have a character that you can’t get out of your mind. The story seems wrong for the character. You can’t make them fit.

Then you must ask yourself is it the story or is it a lackluster characters. Does the woman capture your heart. Is she the person you thought of when the story unfolded. Is she the brave soul that you think she is or do you find that she has become a manipulative, calculating scarlette( direct referrence to Gone with the Wind).  Or is she the sweet soul you want her to be. Did you plan the actions your character is taking or has she taken a life that she made for herself not one you planned for her.

You must know your characters inside and out. Why does the woman hate red roses, did she always love dance or is it something that she just tolerates to please someone.

Did your hero mean to leave the girl of his dreams, or was he forced to leave by her family?  How did the childhood accident shape him into the unhappy.mogal he is now?

The more quirks that are known of your characters details will let your story shine through .

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