No one can begin to feel….

This weekend things happened that I can not begin to say 1.) I understand and 2.) want to understand. The hurt that the families are feeling from the explosion on the south side of Indianapolis is beyond devastating. A beloved teacher from a local elementary school was killed in it along with her husband and the saddest part of it is no one knows for sure why the explosion that leveled two house and did maybe millions of dollars in damages even happened. 29 -35 homes are totally destroyed, damaged beyond repair, or will have to have major renovations. These people are without homes, their pets, their simple life necessities. The community is pulling together and starting to see about clean up.

The same night that the devastation happened a childhood’s friend found out that his son committed suicide. I have tried to get my head around the families loss. I can’t begin to know what they are going through. I wouldn’t even begin to try to say to these people that I do. The loss of a brother, son, father, husband, nephew would only be unimaginable in my mind. How can some one be so close to you and not know what they were feeling so they could be helped. I wish I could say I understand I just don’t. It is a horrible thing to be hurting so bad you can’t explain it to others.

So Kim, Ralph, Sheena, Angie, I would include his wife and child’s name but I don’t know what they are. I pray for each of you. I hope that you find the answers you need. May God Be with each and every one of you.

I offer an apology for not understanding. But please know that I am with you in thoughts and prayers.

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