A new way of turning Lemons into lemonade/ or writing prompts for future use.

We all get tired of people crying, complaining, and the overall…

This week has been one of those weeks that that could have been used for the lead in questions/statements for writing contests writing prompts. You know the one’s that writer’s digest uses for their contests.

phone rings:

1.0) You have been chosen to be the professional for your State (quite an honor from National Organization of The Blue Moon Activists- not their real names) you will be featured at a local and national level in the news letter. And all it will cost you is $900 dollars for the betterment of your career.

2.0) You dial into the school that you just graduated from and once you get through the automatic people avoid-er you get an actual person on the line. You tell them your problem mainly you need you transcripts so that when you take you national certification you don’t have to be put on student status for two years.  They tell you that the grades were mailed out three weeks ago. They will have to find out why you haven’t received yours. will send them e -mail later that night.

3.0 ) The elections are over and people are still putting up nasty campaign Propaganda on Facebook/ and you get unfriended when you state your opinion/ by your own family.

4.0) Applying for jobs online and you have applied to a specific job, You call about an interview and are told that they don’t have your application. So per their orders you fill it out again, and again they say nope not here. Fill it out once more and on Friday you call one more time and find out you have been disqualified for sending in more than one application/ or worse they filled the position on Monday.

5.0) Friday rolls around you call the school again since you didn’t get the e-mail and still no information from them. They have reordered the transcripts but it may take another two weeks to get them/if at all.

6.0)You roll over to tell you hubby you love him and give him a goodnight kiss and he in his sleepy state he rolls over  hits you in the eye as he says- not now to tired.

Makes a girl want to go back into trucking.

So there you have it friends and faithful readers pick your favorite and write a story on my life.

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