Prayers go out to Sandy victums.

I watched the Hurricane Sandy telethon this evening. It was sad to see the pictures that were being shown

We never expected a Hurricane to come to landfall so far north. We never expected so much of the east coast to be taken out.

Don’t get me wrong the devastation from Catrina is just a devastating.  But for NYC to be devastated again less that 15 years is just wrong.

The  entire east coast has taken a beating we have to stick together as a country to fix the world that these people know.

I have included Billy Joel’s New York State of Mind.

In the next video I’m including Under the Boardwalk for the wonderful people of New Jersey. Most of the wonderful boardwalks of the United States are off the East Coast Ranging from  the legendary

Coney Island, Atlantic City all the way South in to the Carolinas.  So to everyone that has been through and survived Sandy.

while this isn’t the original by The Drifters I wanted the pictures of the Boardwalks.

You have my prayers, my respect, and my love.

May God Be with Each and Every one of you.

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