Past, Today, and Tomorrow

Past the time in which you spent your childhood. The days of childhood games, hide and seek, Barbie’s, dodge ball, and play grounds.

The days of making friends, life long and ones we were life long. Days of dating the boys of your dreams going away to school and finding what your life is really about.

Getting married and having the children as you move into the years of middle age.

Today the right now of our lives. the children are now in college and starting their own lives. They met the boys and girls of their dreams and are starting their journey of their future.

Tomorrow is when the bones start creaking but the grandchildren love to come to Mam maw’s and Pap paw’s to spend the night weekend. We can’t wait to keep up with the friends that have all been so busy we can’t keep up.

Let us not forget the days of the past (Our youth,)

The today’s enjoying every minute with our children and our busy lives. (the right now)

and the future what ever it might be. (the Tomorrow)

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