Blog or not…

The question today for many authors is do you build a blog for your followers. Do you have a platform to build on. (Well how do you build on something that is non-existent?

You see so many new authors don’t know how to begin to build a platform .
There are so many things to consider.
1. Do you have something to say?
2. Do you have something to promote
3. Are you doing it because you have heard that you have to.
4. Are you doing it to get practice writing, and truthfully don’t know what you are doing?

Are you wrong if you are answering no to any of these ? 

I have found out that there are no right and wrong answers. But people can lead you on the right direction.
Check with your agent or publisher, ask
Questions at any and all conferences Writing a blog takes time and effort on your part to build a fan base.(and sometimes it works and sometimes it is a long slow process. I am speaking from experience here.)

One thing you don’t want to do is check your statics every day. They will only depress you. That will only make it harder for you to feel that you getting somewhere. (Again experience talking.)

Whether you blog or not is really up to you but do pay attention to people that can help you . Agents, popular author’s kickaround ideas that will make your blog stand out.

Remember that there are a lots new and old ways of doing this. Some work, and some don’t. It will depend on you.

But also remember that like publishing it takes “a long long time.” Thank you Mary Sue Seymour for teaching me that.

So don’t be afraid of it just make an educated guess and make the commitment to it. ( only ypu can decide if you are ready to take that plunge).

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