Fall !!!

You know this time of year with the temperature change you never know what you’re going to get.

Today coming back from town It was nice enough to have the window down and I got the first real whiff of Fall.

Maybe because I grew up on a farm I notice it more than most.

The smell of soybeans or corn as its being combined, or the smell of the crops in the grain bin. It has an aroma that is sometimes between sweet and dusty.

Then you mix it with, the smoke from a fireplace,from a bonfire, or some one burning leaves.

Together with a farmer turning over a fresh plowed earth adding a musky earthy smell.

Sometimes you get the smell of the fresh mowed grass. Maybe the last time of the season.

Mix all this together and you can smell the popcorn balls,  candy corn, apple cider.

Okay I know I’m being corny. (Yes pun intended)

But it triggers memories that I don’t get to think about often.

Getting up to the First Frost.

The school football games, new sweaters or sweatshirts

fall fairs/festivals or Covered Bridge Festivals.

Going to the orchards to pick apples, the smells while taking the children to pick out their pumpkins to carve.

Corn Mazes, Haunted Houses and again children picking out costumes for Halloween. Going to Haunted Houses. Can we have cotton Candy or Candied apple?

I miss the simple things and the sounds and smells of Fall are some of them.

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