New ideas where do you find them?

I am told all the time that when you have something that has been turned to a publisher, or agent and you are waiting on a response.
Jump in with a new story. Get in there and slug it out with a new idea. Make a bad story better by drawing out your gun and shooting someone.
Will that is all fine and well. But where do you go to get the new ideas?
For me it isn’t hard. Play me some music and I’ll start the next story in nothing flat. My imagination never shuts off so I don’t have a lot of problem
finding ideas.But the real problem is when You have written all the ideas (subject- how do find the way to handle the problem in ten words or less.) down in a list
How do you decide on the right one to start on.
Do you put them in a hat and draw one out?
Do you take the top ones and tape them to a dart board and throw darts at them?
Do you plot the first three chapters of the favorites and then decide how to go from there?
Or if you are like me you sit back and think about the funniest thing you can find and apply the scene to each of the stories. Which ever one comes to the forefront. Is the one you work on.

I guess what I’m really trying to say it really doesn’t matter where you get the idea, (Pardner  You just have to go out and do what you have to do as I adjust my hat as John Wayne would)
So get the coffee, the chocolate, and the cat who decides it has to have your attention right NOW.
and put them on the PC, the endless notebooks, the tape recorder, I phone, or tablet. But get out there and work on something.
The more you work on something the better you become as a writer.
(Write because it has become the only thing that little ole you can do before it drives you absolutely insane.)

And if you still have problems. Go clean the cat pan. Then write twenty-words on what you found there. or what you found in the couch after the neighbors left four days ago. Or why there is a can of succotash in the baby’s crib.

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