Reading Rachelle Gardner’s blog on editing. I got to thinking What is it about Editing that scares me so much.

Well Okay I admit that in high school my English Comp skills lacked a lot in ability.

So yes line edits scare me. But I also use the grammar check and run off a hard copy, and we look at every sentence and after the fourteenth time I still wonder if I have it right.

I go back and double check for the obvious things. Get rid of the LY, get rid of the over used was, were, had, But and the like.

I double check sentence structure. (If I move the back of the sentence to the front will it sound and look better?)

Have I punctuated correctly and how do you punctuate that sentence “Stop it Evan, I won’t do that.”

I used to think I had to jazz up my sentences and not use the basics. “Subject verb and what was the third word.” But you know the simple sentence is still the best.

Subject, verb. I’m not sure the Dick and Jane didn’t have the right idea.

See Dick run. See Jane dance. (or what ever she did in those books.)

The one thing I could say I remembered was that you always put a comma in front of a but .


So I will always have a fear of line Edits and there really isn’t a lot they can do to change my mind. Because once I have it figured out.

They will just change it on me again. (and people wonder why I’m such a fan of e.e. cummings – he didn’t use punctuation.)

5 comments on “Editing

  1. Kate says:

    You’re doing a great job! There’s a lot to consider with line editing, so it can seem overwhelming, but that effort shows. Commas are tricky guys and I think a lot of people make up their own rules, so I wouldn’t worry too much about them. Personally, I would punctuate the sample sentence as, “Stop it, Evan; I won’t do that.” Keep pushing through that fear and you will get it!

  2. Mystic Charmed says:

    I feel you, oh man!! I just went through my 72,000 word novel line by line. And all I can say…sometimes even I don’t want to read it, I am so tired of it. Lol!! No I love it, but every time I go through it I find myself changing something else, a word here, a line there. Is the editing every really done? 🙂

  3. Mystic Charmed says:

    I know exactly I need to learn to read it like it and walk away!

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