Past, Today, and Tomorrow

Past the time in which you spent your childhood. The days of childhood games, hide and seek, Barbie’s, dodge ball, and play grounds.

The days of making friends, life long and ones we were life long. Days of dating the boys of your dreams going away to school and finding what your life is really about.

Getting married and having the children as you move into the years of middle age.

Today the right now of our lives. the children are now in college and starting their own lives. They met the boys and girls of their dreams and are starting their journey of their future.

Tomorrow is when the bones start creaking but the grandchildren love to come to Mam maw’s and Pap paw’s to spend the night weekend. We can’t wait to keep up with the friends that have all been so busy we can’t keep up.

Let us not forget the days of the past (Our youth,)

The today’s enjoying every minute with our children and our busy lives. (the right now)

and the future what ever it might be. (the Tomorrow)

Blog or not…

The question today for many authors is do you build a blog for your followers. Do you have a platform to build on. (Well how do you build on something that is non-existent?

You see so many new authors don’t know how to begin to build a platform .
There are so many things to consider.
1. Do you have something to say?
2. Do you have something to promote
3. Are you doing it because you have heard that you have to.
4. Are you doing it to get practice writing, and truthfully don’t know what you are doing?

Are you wrong if you are answering no to any of these ? 

I have found out that there are no right and wrong answers. But people can lead you on the right direction.
Check with your agent or publisher, ask
Questions at any and all conferences Writing a blog takes time and effort on your part to build a fan base.(and sometimes it works and sometimes it is a long slow process. I am speaking from experience here.)

One thing you don’t want to do is check your statics every day. They will only depress you. That will only make it harder for you to feel that you getting somewhere. (Again experience talking.)

Whether you blog or not is really up to you but do pay attention to people that can help you . Agents, popular author’s kickaround ideas that will make your blog stand out.

Remember that there are a lots new and old ways of doing this. Some work, and some don’t. It will depend on you.

But also remember that like publishing it takes “a long long time.” Thank you Mary Sue Seymour for teaching me that.

So don’t be afraid of it just make an educated guess and make the commitment to it. ( only ypu can decide if you are ready to take that plunge).

Watch Until Jesus Fades Away– This is Awesome

Subject: Watch Until Jesus Fades Away– This is Awesome

This is AWESOME and should go to every American in our Nation, this tells it all and I hope each and everyone of you thinks this is as great as I think it is. Pretty Powerful!

Watch until Jesus fades away– awesome
Click on the line below. If you have speakers, turn them up

  Click here >   Pray for our nation

This was sent to me by A close friend. It brought tears to my eyes. Please  (Don’t send me letters about how wrong I am or make something ugly out of this. Just pay attention and think about it.)

Fall !!!

You know this time of year with the temperature change you never know what you’re going to get.

Today coming back from town It was nice enough to have the window down and I got the first real whiff of Fall.

Maybe because I grew up on a farm I notice it more than most.

The smell of soybeans or corn as its being combined, or the smell of the crops in the grain bin. It has an aroma that is sometimes between sweet and dusty.

Then you mix it with, the smoke from a fireplace,from a bonfire, or some one burning leaves.

Together with a farmer turning over a fresh plowed earth adding a musky earthy smell.

Sometimes you get the smell of the fresh mowed grass. Maybe the last time of the season.

Mix all this together and you can smell the popcorn balls,  candy corn, apple cider.

Okay I know I’m being corny. (Yes pun intended)

But it triggers memories that I don’t get to think about often.

Getting up to the First Frost.

The school football games, new sweaters or sweatshirts

fall fairs/festivals or Covered Bridge Festivals.

Going to the orchards to pick apples, the smells while taking the children to pick out their pumpkins to carve.

Corn Mazes, Haunted Houses and again children picking out costumes for Halloween. Going to Haunted Houses. Can we have cotton Candy or Candied apple?

I miss the simple things and the sounds and smells of Fall are some of them.

New ideas where do you find them?

I am told all the time that when you have something that has been turned to a publisher, or agent and you are waiting on a response.
Jump in with a new story. Get in there and slug it out with a new idea. Make a bad story better by drawing out your gun and shooting someone.
Will that is all fine and well. But where do you go to get the new ideas?
For me it isn’t hard. Play me some music and I’ll start the next story in nothing flat. My imagination never shuts off so I don’t have a lot of problem
finding ideas.But the real problem is when You have written all the ideas (subject- how do find the way to handle the problem in ten words or less.) down in a list
How do you decide on the right one to start on.
Do you put them in a hat and draw one out?
Do you take the top ones and tape them to a dart board and throw darts at them?
Do you plot the first three chapters of the favorites and then decide how to go from there?
Or if you are like me you sit back and think about the funniest thing you can find and apply the scene to each of the stories. Which ever one comes to the forefront. Is the one you work on.

I guess what I’m really trying to say it really doesn’t matter where you get the idea, (Pardner  You just have to go out and do what you have to do as I adjust my hat as John Wayne would)
So get the coffee, the chocolate, and the cat who decides it has to have your attention right NOW.
and put them on the PC, the endless notebooks, the tape recorder, I phone, or tablet. But get out there and work on something.
The more you work on something the better you become as a writer.
(Write because it has become the only thing that little ole you can do before it drives you absolutely insane.)

And if you still have problems. Go clean the cat pan. Then write twenty-words on what you found there. or what you found in the couch after the neighbors left four days ago. Or why there is a can of succotash in the baby’s crib.