Past American Christian Fiction Writers Conferences.

This weekend the AMERICAN CHRISTIAN FICTION WRITERS CONFERENCE was held in Dallas. It would have been my third one of these to go to. But because of a lifestyle change it was not possible for me to go this year.

So here is my blog on my previous experience at these events.  My first conference was at Indianapolis. A great experience. I went to classes by Tracie and Jim Peterson and Kaye Dacus.

Rachelle Gardner taught me enough about a fifteen minute pitch to get my manuscript asked for by Mary Sue Seymour. She ended up passing on the manuscript but taught me what to expect. “She told me that publishing takes a long long time.” Those words are forever burned in my memory.

I met James Scott Bell and have bought everything he has out on writing. Jeff Gerke’s book “How to write Christian Fiction.” sits on my bookshelf as well.

I had my first critque done by Jill Williams, which provided my first real professional encouragement.  When I walked in I was nervous and scared, Brandlyn Collins and Debby Mayne offered encouragement to a first writing that was seriuosly thinking about giving up writing. “Thank you Debby for that two and a half hour mentoring session. You are a gracious lady for taking that time with me.”

Cara Putman took time to pray with me before my first agent meeting with Terry Burns. “Thank you Cara. You have a precious little boy.”

Mr. Terry Burns you are joy , you helped a first time writer and taught her so much in just a few short minutes. You were also kind to let me talk with you at last years conference. Wish I could have been there to say hello this year.

There are others that I can’t begin to name them all Keli Gwyn, Joyce Hart, Tamela Hancock Murray, Steve Laub,

I can only Thank you for all your help and pray I will see you back in Indianapolis next year.  You have all helped me become a published author.Along with christian fellowship that is often so needed.


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