COWBOYS. Outdated or perfect fodder for fantasies.

What’s the fascination with cowboys? In the writing world of romance the cowboy has had a prominant position in womens fantasies for the last century.

The popularity of cowboys started with the golden age of radio. Every woman out there wanted to be the Lone Ranger’s lady,or Miss Kitty from the long branch waiting on Marshell Dillion. No one can forget Gene, Roy or Audie Murphy.

What was their attraction? Was it the idea of them saving the ranch and riding off into the sunset or was it because he was unattainable.

Admission here on my part I have fantazed over the Duke (That’s John Wayne for the people under twenty five.) Clint, both Eastwood and Walker, and James Garner before The Rockford Files ever came into being. Chuck Conners as the Rifleman, the boys from the Ponderosa, the big Valley or Rawhide or Wagon Train.

Why is it they make us girls go, Oh yes. Heavy breathing begins. Take me in your arms and well okay.(patting her hair back into place like the proper school marm should be.)

Linda Leal Miller has had great success with her series of modern cowboys. Harliquin seems to have a lot of good cowboy stories. Even my own publisher Boroughs has several stories with Cowboys in them.

Is the cowboy outdated as a hero or is he the perfect hero? Love to hear your thoughts .

One comment on “COWBOYS. Outdated or perfect fodder for fantasies.

  1. Ellouise Adams says:


    Since we are in the same ballpark (Female over 50). I’d like to offer my opinion as to why I had heavy breathing, and fluttery eyelids over the bigger than life cowboy radio and movie heroes.  They were like a glamorized version of what I thought my father was before he married my mother a died in the world city-gal. The cowboy hero also was a symbol of freedom.  He represented a release into a world where neighbors weren’t always snooping into your daily life except for one or two “Mrs. Olsons” (Little House on the Prairie), where the true daily chores of scrubbing bathrooms and kitchens didn’t intrude.  The cowboy heroes took over the slot that Errol Flynn’s Robin Hood, and the knights in shining armor were for our mothers and grandmothers. The cowboys had True Grit.

    At least, that is why the cowboys meant so much to me.  But then I had an advantage I knew some real life cowboys and the match between real and fantasy often times was very close.

    Ellouise Adams

    PS Congratulations  on your achievement to date.  I’m holding “A” thoughts for you.


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