Harvest Time

To the Farmers whether they harvest wheat, corn, beans, raise cattle, pigs or Horses. Know that as the daughter raised on a dairy farm, and having Family in the Angus Cattle Business. You work hard. and I appreciate every one of you.

This summer has been the worst for the American Farmer in years. There will be very little money made off crops this year due to the drought. The corn dried up before it could make kernels on the ears of corn.
The beans may not be a better due to no rain.

The rain has paid havoc with all the regular crops, and because of the heat Cattle and Pigs aren’t holding weight as well as they should.

So all of my friends, while we say our prayers for our troops and for our families. Please add the American Farmer to your prayers.

“Remember The American Farmers put food on your table.”

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