It hurts me to lose friends.

Time for a rant again. I did something tonight I didn’t want to do. I ended a friendship.

I have tried for the last 10 years to be a good friend to a person that only wanted what she could get.

I have tried time and again to keep her friendship. Friendship to her turn out to be when it was convenient for her.

When I said something about it. The only thing she could do was give me the cold shoulder.

So today I tried one more time. I called twice (she never answered my calls any way) and sent her a message on Face book when I saw her on line.

When she turned it off and wouldn’t acknowledge me. “I won’t be treated like some kind of rock she can walk on. I”m done.”

No one has so many friends that they can afford to loose one.  But when you have prayed over it for almost five years.

I’m done turning the cheek so I can get beaten black and blue.

I guess I was naive to think she was a friend to begin with.

Goodnight and May you have a better day Than I have had.


3 comments on “It hurts me to lose friends.

  1. I’m sorry you have had this experience Gwyn but it is one that I have had many times. it is hurtful but it is best to just move on and not continuing to let yourself be hurt by this person. it seems like in truly bad times when you need friends most is when you find out you only have a few true friends but it makes you love the ones who are left all the more. hugs to you friend. be encouraged. there are still good people out there.

  2. Hi Gwyn,
    I’m so sorry this has happened to you. You can be sure you did all you could do. It is her loss.


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