Not Gonna do it.

I quit, I not responding to anymore political religious, or contraversial items any more. See every time that I do. I end up in a fight with my friends, family( Jason) so if you don’t like what I put on my page . You can black ball me(Unfriend) or just ignore me.

Truth is I am tired of the crap I’ m getting from several people (not just you Jason)
So I quit from today on my pages are well no longer have any thing to do with any of it. 
And this in its self will make people angry.
I’m tired of liberals conservatives telling me how wrong I am.

So tough it  out alone .

2 comments on “Not Gonna do it.

  1. Ellouise Adams says:

    Good for you Gwyn. They ask for an opinion then get nasty/picky if you have an opinion that is different than theirs. If people don’t want to listen to your opinion then they can just do without it. I understand why you are saying what you are saying. I get tired of people asking me what I think about something and start telling me that I am stupid, that I don’t understand their liberal talking points. I have enjoyed your blogs and other postings, I would imagine because we have seen the little tin men rust away too many times.

    Ellouise Adams


  2. gweyant says:

    Thank you Ellouise,
    Some well say I’m burying my head in the sand. but it really doesn’t matter anymore. I’m getting ready to get rid of a few more things if people aren’t real careful.

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