Exciting news.

After much praying,crying and debate. I feel I am ready to go a head with my own website. Just how or what format I am going to use is still up for debate. ( anyone want to flip the coin?) 

That means things are going to change shortly. When the grand unveiling comes to into being. I’ll let you know.

It may not happen until much later in the year. I have a lot going on with the book coming into play for Boroughs, editing of a novel is taking place. I have six weeks left of school starting next Monday. Plus an externship and certification all by the end of November. How did time fly so fast. (Also that does not include job hunting.)

So please expect major changes in my blogs and my website.

May God bless and keep you.

2 comments on “Exciting news.

  1. Ellouise Adams says:


    I have truly enjoyed your blogs, and the postings on the class email and discussion. (I especially enjoy reading the discussion postings because you have found the spell check feature on your software and you do not always rely on just the spell check for more complicated spellings and punctuation. I will miss your comments during class whether by posting or mic. I will have to keep track of you through web site that carries your work now and on your website when you get it up and running.

    Gwyn, I wish you the daily kiss of the sun on your check and the caress of the soft breeze of spring. I know that you will do well as long as you look to the Father for guidance and His Son for the Peace of the Loving Heart.

    I wish you enough…love to warm your heart, challenge to strengthen your resolve, the knowledge that the Father will never give you more than you can survive without your faith and the Love of His son.

    Fair winds, fellow traveler,

    Ellouise Adams


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