Writing source of relief or a source of Madness…..

Recently writing has been a life saver to me. I have been very stressed due to be in my last six weeks of school. Where has the last 8 months gone.

I have 3 weeks of class left and then I have my certification in November. If other things hadn’t been going on I think I would have lost my mind.

Writing gives me a chance to take my frustrations out and play havoc in my characters lives. Maybe that sounds mean. But truthfully I have a dark side.

Its all in good fun but every once in a while. The thoughts of writing a story of murder and mayhem gives me a good chuckle. (I figure its better than actually going out and doing it.)

I’m not the type to play the woman as a victim. Well only in a romance situations. I’m more of the one playing the psycho who has lots of evil thoughts about doing away with the people that has ever done her wrong.

The one who looks like an angel but whips out a gun and shoots the jerk that broke my little sisters heart.  (Okay Okay maybe this sounds a bit over done. maybe I could push the fellow into a tank of piranhas.)

But it helps me to work off my  aggravation so I can get back to what’s really important. The grades, the internship,the certification, and eventually the job. Besides why should men have all the fun.

Stephen King, Clive Barker, and Dean Koontz have all made an excellent living in Horror and most recently Stephanie Meyer this their is just a way of working it off. Even Ted Dekker gives a chill that makes me want to read him in a lighted room.  So why shouldn’t I. ( Her psychotic  laughter echoed through the halls as she locks the gate to the asylum. No one found the bodies of the actual staff until she was five hundred miles from Security Hill Alabama.)

Happy sleeping all.


Past American Christian Fiction Writers Conferences.

This weekend the AMERICAN CHRISTIAN FICTION WRITERS CONFERENCE was held in Dallas. It would have been my third one of these to go to. But because of a lifestyle change it was not possible for me to go this year.

So here is my blog on my previous experience at these events.  My first conference was at Indianapolis. A great experience. I went to classes by Tracie and Jim Peterson and Kaye Dacus.

Rachelle Gardner taught me enough about a fifteen minute pitch to get my manuscript asked for by Mary Sue Seymour. She ended up passing on the manuscript but taught me what to expect. “She told me that publishing takes a long long time.” Those words are forever burned in my memory.

I met James Scott Bell and have bought everything he has out on writing. Jeff Gerke’s book “How to write Christian Fiction.” sits on my bookshelf as well.

I had my first critque done by Jill Williams, which provided my first real professional encouragement.  When I walked in I was nervous and scared, Brandlyn Collins and Debby Mayne offered encouragement to a first writing that was seriuosly thinking about giving up writing. “Thank you Debby for that two and a half hour mentoring session. You are a gracious lady for taking that time with me.”

Cara Putman took time to pray with me before my first agent meeting with Terry Burns. “Thank you Cara. You have a precious little boy.”

Mr. Terry Burns you are joy , you helped a first time writer and taught her so much in just a few short minutes. You were also kind to let me talk with you at last years conference. Wish I could have been there to say hello this year.

There are others that I can’t begin to name them all Keli Gwyn, Joyce Hart, Tamela Hancock Murray, Steve Laub,

I can only Thank you for all your help and pray I will see you back in Indianapolis next year.  You have all helped me become a published author.Along with christian fellowship that is often so needed.


Okay people Cowboy up

I’m on a rant here. I have listened for three days about this election i have even been called a liar because i am a republican.


Whether your democrate or republican someone is going to lose Deal with it.

SO COWBOY UP AND GET OVER IT. LIFE ISN’T Fair and nobody owes you a living or a rose garden.


COWBOYS. Outdated or perfect fodder for fantasies.

What’s the fascination with cowboys? In the writing world of romance the cowboy has had a prominant position in womens fantasies for the last century.

The popularity of cowboys started with the golden age of radio. Every woman out there wanted to be the Lone Ranger’s lady,or Miss Kitty from the long branch waiting on Marshell Dillion. No one can forget Gene, Roy or Audie Murphy.

What was their attraction? Was it the idea of them saving the ranch and riding off into the sunset or was it because he was unattainable.

Admission here on my part I have fantazed over the Duke (That’s John Wayne for the people under twenty five.) Clint, both Eastwood and Walker, and James Garner before The Rockford Files ever came into being. Chuck Conners as the Rifleman, the boys from the Ponderosa, the big Valley or Rawhide or Wagon Train.

Why is it they make us girls go, Oh yes. Heavy breathing begins. Take me in your arms and well okay.(patting her hair back into place like the proper school marm should be.)

Linda Leal Miller has had great success with her series of modern cowboys. Harliquin seems to have a lot of good cowboy stories. Even my own publisher Boroughs has several stories with Cowboys in them.

Is the cowboy outdated as a hero or is he the perfect hero? Love to hear your thoughts .

Harvest Time

To the Farmers whether they harvest wheat, corn, beans, raise cattle, pigs or Horses. Know that as the daughter raised on a dairy farm, and having Family in the Angus Cattle Business. You work hard. and I appreciate every one of you.

This summer has been the worst for the American Farmer in years. There will be very little money made off crops this year due to the drought. The corn dried up before it could make kernels on the ears of corn.
The beans may not be a better due to no rain.

The rain has paid havoc with all the regular crops, and because of the heat Cattle and Pigs aren’t holding weight as well as they should.

So all of my friends, while we say our prayers for our troops and for our families. Please add the American Farmer to your prayers.

“Remember The American Farmers put food on your table.”

So coooooool, Medical coding here I come.

I have 5 weeks and 1 day of classes left .
1 of my classes is review for the certification test. In this class we take a mock certification at least twice. And maybe a third time. 

Well last night I took the five hour test in 4 hrs and 6 mins and out of 150 questions i got an 82 on it.  Which means I would have passed the certification on the first try.

Now I have to fine turn and get the rest up to par.  I am so thrilled.