Thank Rachelle Gardner/Room for all.

I just finished reading your blog. I thank you for saying out loud what I have been thinking.

Times and publishing are changing and anybody who doesn’t change with them is going to be left behind. Is there room for traditional, self-publishing, e-publishing, and anything else that comes along.  Certainly just as mechanics of writing of changed.(I remember a time when it was proper to put a comma in front of a but.)

There are a lot of publishing houses that won’t take a chance on new authors because they don’t meet the publishers standards. But an e-pub might think the work is just what they need.

Agents will still have work they will be on the cusp of the next big thing that will need selling, advisement, or need a contract looked over to see if it’s legal. This can come from all of the above types of publishing.

Authors, publishers, and agents will all survive by being FLEXIBLE. It really doesn’t matter what area of publishing you take. What does matter is that your flexible enough to move with the flow.

I’m not saying one is any easier than another I am not stupid enough to do that. While self-publishing isn’t for me. It is right up someone elses alley. They all take hard work writing,editing, and in management.

So stay the course, work hard, find the area that is right for you.  Learn the craft
(Can I say that again?) Learn the craft, and get good advice from people you trust and be flexible enough to change if needed. That will achieve the quality in whatever publishing that Rachelle is talking about.

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