Four freedoms

I sit looking at the Norman Rockwell pictures called the Four Freedoms.

Does any of us remember what they are?
The freedoms are as follows
Freedom from want, Freedom from fear, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of Speech.

Those are the basic truths and rights, that were granted to us.

We came to this country to escape perscution,so we could worship or not the way we want.

We wanted. Not to want anymore we have what we need.

We wanted the right to say what we wanted.

And we wanted the right not to fear for our lives.

Yet everyday we have people telling us how to act, how we should believe, how we should worship, and people go to bed hungry, and in fear for their lives.

Yet there is no place on earth I would rather be. We still have more rights, more freedoms than most of the world.

If we are so wrong, then why do so many
want to join our lives? Could it be they want those same truths?

Now I am not saying we don’t have our problems because we aren’t perfect. THE only person who was,died to give us the right to live, and soldiers from as far back as 1700’s have died for that right.

So before stopping by and  telling me how wrong I am realize your just proving my point.

May each and every one of you have a very blessed day.

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