Why is it?

Why is it that the minute you go after your dreams people begin to treat you like you ‘re the lowest person on earth?

Some people go after fame and fortune , still others want the right to worship freely. Still others want just a chance to be loved, to hold someone close to be loved in return.  Celebs are stalked. People will use you as a punching bag. While telling you to go after your dreams.

What brought this tirad on your asking yourself? A simple happy child playing at a dinner not doing anything wrong but humming to herself and drawing.  Telling her loving family that she was going to be a nurse like her friends mother.
The child was taken home and beaten till her eyes swelled shut. A neighbor heard the child screaming. And called the police.  When they got there they arrested the parents. They are awaiting trial.  The child told them that Mommy was mad because she didn’t want her child to be like anyone, but her.

At this point they don’t know if the little girl will see again because her Mommy’s ring scratched the child’s eyes .

Yes little ones go after your dreams just don’t tell any body about them.

I unfortunately couldn’t have a child. To hear something like this just makes me cry.

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