I am Pleased to announce that on 8/14/2012. I signed a publishing deal with Boroughs Publishing Group for my story  GREASE STAINS AND LOVE SONGS.

Boroughs Publishing Group is a e-publishing Publisher.  Just when the story will be out for sale. It is to early to tell. I will keep you updated as I find out.

I again want to thank everyone that has shown Faith in my writing.


Gwyn Weyant


5 comments on “I have an ANNOUNCEMENT

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  2. Keli Gwyn says:

    Congratulations, Gwyn!!! Enjoy the thrill!

  3. Ellouise Adams says:


    I think that I can say for a lot of your classmates; we not only have faith in your writing, but we have faith in you. And we support you in trying to do something you enjoy and trying to do something with it. Ellouise Adams


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