I’m me!

What am I? I am the daughter of hard working farmers. My mother ran the dairy while. My dad worked at Ford.

I am schooled in Law Enforcement, Cosmetology, Medical assisting, Truck driving, and lately Medical coding and billing. I am proud of all of them.
I am a wife of twenty-five years. Mother to my stepsons (who I love) Grandmother to 3 great grandchildren , Aunt, I am sister, friend. 

Woman, housewife, fixer of all things wrong at home. I am a woman and I do roar. I am also lover , back scratcher and feet rubber when they cramp.

I help pay bills. I worry about my loved ones and dare anyone to try to hurt them. 

I love all kinds of music, God, Jesus, and will tell anyone who doesn’t like it That’s  tough. I am my mother and my father.  

Some people have called me every four letter word and expect me to take it.

I get depressed, I cry, I yell, i scream, I pray, and then I use it for fodder for another story.  (Sweet revenge don’t tick me off or you will end up in my next novel.)

People I’m me.

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