Thank Rachelle Gardner/Room for all.

I just finished reading your blog. I thank you for saying out loud what I have been thinking.

Times and publishing are changing and anybody who doesn’t change with them is going to be left behind. Is there room for traditional, self-publishing, e-publishing, and anything else that comes along.  Certainly just as mechanics of writing of changed.(I remember a time when it was proper to put a comma in front of a but.)

There are a lot of publishing houses that won’t take a chance on new authors because they don’t meet the publishers standards. But an e-pub might think the work is just what they need.

Agents will still have work they will be on the cusp of the next big thing that will need selling, advisement, or need a contract looked over to see if it’s legal. This can come from all of the above types of publishing.

Authors, publishers, and agents will all survive by being FLEXIBLE. It really doesn’t matter what area of publishing you take. What does matter is that your flexible enough to move with the flow.

I’m not saying one is any easier than another I am not stupid enough to do that. While self-publishing isn’t for me. It is right up someone elses alley. They all take hard work writing,editing, and in management.

So stay the course, work hard, find the area that is right for you.  Learn the craft
(Can I say that again?) Learn the craft, and get good advice from people you trust and be flexible enough to change if needed. That will achieve the quality in whatever publishing that Rachelle is talking about.

Four freedoms

I sit looking at the Norman Rockwell pictures called the Four Freedoms.

Does any of us remember what they are?
The freedoms are as follows
Freedom from want, Freedom from fear, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of Speech.

Those are the basic truths and rights, that were granted to us.

We came to this country to escape perscution,so we could worship or not the way we want.

We wanted. Not to want anymore we have what we need.

We wanted the right to say what we wanted.

And we wanted the right not to fear for our lives.

Yet everyday we have people telling us how to act, how we should believe, how we should worship, and people go to bed hungry, and in fear for their lives.

Yet there is no place on earth I would rather be. We still have more rights, more freedoms than most of the world.

If we are so wrong, then why do so many
want to join our lives? Could it be they want those same truths?

Now I am not saying we don’t have our problems because we aren’t perfect. THE only person who was,died to give us the right to live, and soldiers from as far back as 1700’s have died for that right.

So before stopping by and  telling me how wrong I am realize your just proving my point.

May each and every one of you have a very blessed day.

My Imagination

To this day very few people from the past would believe that I would be anything like I am today.

I was considered by my family to have my head in the clouds. Maybe even a little odd. They all knew that my imagination was wild. I didn’t focus my imagination that they could see. I lived in a fantasy world.

It was not until about 2003 or there abouts that I started writing. I put my imagination to work in tje form of a story.

I knew nothing about writing but according James Scott Bell you can be taught. Which by the way, he is the best of several to make you understand the mechanics of writing, along with Stephen king’s On Writing, Bob Mayer is another one I have recently discovered. Writers digest, and Writing Basics are the magazines.

I learned what I needed to know to become a better writer. Don’t get me wrong I am not Nora Roberts, or Tracie Peterson. I am a person with a dream that is coming true. I am taking the first baby steps to what I hope will be a long career.  I write stories your parents can be proud of. Whether it be our Father God,or my parents, Avis and Norman Qualkinbush.

So learn everything you can possible learn about the craft never give up on learning or your dreams . (Besides it helps you sleep at night .)

Why is it?

Why is it that the minute you go after your dreams people begin to treat you like you ‘re the lowest person on earth?

Some people go after fame and fortune , still others want the right to worship freely. Still others want just a chance to be loved, to hold someone close to be loved in return.  Celebs are stalked. People will use you as a punching bag. While telling you to go after your dreams.

What brought this tirad on your asking yourself? A simple happy child playing at a dinner not doing anything wrong but humming to herself and drawing.  Telling her loving family that she was going to be a nurse like her friends mother.
The child was taken home and beaten till her eyes swelled shut. A neighbor heard the child screaming. And called the police.  When they got there they arrested the parents. They are awaiting trial.  The child told them that Mommy was mad because she didn’t want her child to be like anyone, but her.

At this point they don’t know if the little girl will see again because her Mommy’s ring scratched the child’s eyes .

Yes little ones go after your dreams just don’t tell any body about them.

I unfortunately couldn’t have a child. To hear something like this just makes me cry.

Confusion, by Kaley

“It has always baffled and befuddled me, that people are so mean spirited that they have to be right all the time.  They don’t like it when you don’t agree with them and get flat out nasty if you show that you think anyway they don’t want.

They even have to ram their opinion down you throat when they get an apology. They can’t take it gracefully. After all they are the only opinon that matters.” Kaley Drake in Love in half. A future story from the notebook of life .