I sit and wonder.

Recently I have to sit and wonder about this world of ours. I find it hard to understand. One minute we are okay.
Then the next every thing is in chaos. Let me give you examples.

Everything is good at the Olympics. (Praise God for that.)But here at home. Everything is going absolutely crazy.
Since the first of May we have encountered one of the worst droughts in the history of the Midwest. The government crop insurance
is not supposed to cover an area as big as Ohio to Kansas, and Nebraska to Austin Texas.
We have wildfires burning up houses and right up to the edge of Colorado Springs, Co, Aurora Co. has massacre in a theater.

We have floods in some areas for the East Coast, along with the Zombie Plague(People literal eating the flesh of people’s faces.)
Parents killing their children, 18 and 20 year olds killing each other. (with an attitude of I’m bragging about it.)

It does make me wonder what our children or grandchildren will see in their lifetime. Is mother earth getting ready to take back whats hers.
If she is the human race will be the loser in the grand scheme of things.

The first ten years of the 2000’s have been mighty interesting. So what’s next? With everything that has gone on, I might just have to stick around to see
what happens next.



One comment on “I sit and wonder.

  1. there is an ancient chinese curse that states: may you live interesting times. for longest time i didnt really get it but now after this one i do.

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