Colorado Massacre Because “I am the JOKER.”

The Colorado shooting has set everyone into a shock. Who would have thought in our country someone would walk in and perform such a massacre in the one place most people feel safe in going.
The local theater for some Comic Book fun, A Batman movie. Something that was to renew our faith in a crime free society. Where the good guys win and there is even the slightest hint of a romance between two of the characters.

A movie is supposed to get you away from all the troubles of todays society. It isn’t supposed to draw you in where a madman can gun you down. The people were there to have fun to root for Batman. To Howl at the bad guys. Is this the way we want our children to remember “The Dark Knight.” It wasn’t the actors, the movie production crew or the producers that caused this to happen. But unfortunately what should have been a multi million dollar movie. I am afraid will now makes its overall money on blue ray and netflix. Because a lot of parents won’t take their families to see it now.

I guess I’m scared that this will make people afraid to go into sit down theaters. It bothers me that what should have been an evening of fun has stolen at least twelve lives and wounded so many others. Does any one want to tell the two young boys of the 26-year-old father that some one took their father’s life because he thought he was the “JOKER”

Has our society gone so rabid with madness that a simple movie can cause so much carnage in our lives? This wasn’t a war, a terrorist attack, This was a sick monster that took lives for no reason other than he thought He was the “JOKER”

I pray there is a Heavenly Father because if the families of the wounded and dead ever get their hands on the man who did this. He won’t leave the court-house alive. Does he even realize what he has done? Does he even care. I can’t get my mind around this. It’s senseless act of absolute stupidity that will cost the man who did this his life if he is convicted of 12 counts of homicide, and several dozen assaults with a deadly weapon. The man should at the very least spend the rest of his life in the Colorado State Hospital in Pueblo. He has ruined his life all of the victims and their families not to mention his own families.

Dear Heavenly Father please provide care for the families of Colorado.


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