Got My Grades.

It’s been right at Six weeks since my last classes ended. Today I finally got the report on my grades. I knew what I had but it’s nice to know that I was right that I still have an A avg. I fully well have to give credit where credit is due.

I have never been a good student. So to come up with an A avg in my opinion is a miracle and the credit for it goes to the Heavenly Father.
Oh sure I am putting in the study sessions. But for it to be sinking in that comes from the Father.

I already have a medical assisting diploma from twenty-five years ago. I never used it because I got in the semi with my husband. In that course I enjoyed Coding.
and 25 years later I still enjoy coding.

So let’s face fact if after 25yrs. I can go back to school and make A’s. I can tell you that our Lord Jesus and our Heavenly Father have a lot to do with it.



2 comments on “Got My Grades.

  1. Congratulations! HE is proud of you.

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