Who or what is an influencer?

You know I have never considered myself someone who had any influence at all. But yesterday Tamela Hancock Murray an agent and I hope friend through Face book added me to her Klout account as an influencers. I was blown away.

First of all I would never have considered myself an influence to anyone. Then to have one of the agents add me as a influencer to her Klout account. Well I was impressed. It also got me thinking about what is a good influencer. I alway thought a good influencer was someone who took time to show that they cared. The High School Teacher who worked over time with a student with problems. The Athlete or Singer who handled themselves in public with a grace and dignity that would influence the younger generation to be the best they could be. (Thank you Bo Jackson,Taylor Swift for that.)

Is it the writer’s of the past? Hemingway,Shakespeare, Faulkner, Charles Dickens, or Edgar Allen Poe? All prolific in their own right and all influences of their time. We have many in our own time that will be just as important. Stephen King, Nora Roberts,John Grisham, Robert B. Parker.

Actors and Actresses that actually acted: John Wayne, Errol Flynn, Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, the Barrymores, Ronald Regan, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford.

For authors the teachings of: James Scott Bell, Stephen King, Orson Scott Card, Jerry B. Jenkins all have importance along with Michael Hyatt, and Donald Maas.

Teachings are we talking the Dali Lama, or T.D Jakes, along with Joyce Meyer along with others that are some of the most influential teachers of modern spirituality of today.

While thinking about this. I came to the decision that while all of these people will have important places in our society. The person we all should be influenced by is Jesus. He impacted more lives than all of the others put together. He taught us things like, Love– He loved us enough to die for us. He taught how Prayer could affect our lives. Praying to the Father not only saves us but calms our soul.

So when you start thinking about what or who is influencing you and your children Please take a look at the dusty book that is sitting on the bookshelf. It called the Holy Bible and read the New Testament to you children. It will be more influence than the Kardashians ever though about.

3 comments on “Who or what is an influencer?

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