Back to Business

Okay, Okay, I haven’t been an active blogger lately. I could give you a dozen reasons. Truth is I got wrapped up in a popularity contest. I keep forgetting that you must have something published before you can get published. The only thing that comes close to that are my blogs. I am proud of this blog. I think my romance Grease Stains and Love Songs deserved better but quite truthfully if I can’t believe in me who will. (to quote my Mother-in-law Wilma Weyant. It’s a pretty sad dog who won’t howl for himself.)

So I’m gonna Howl a bit. I am going to publish some day whether it be in romance (any genre, thrillers, Horror) It’s going to happen. So I didn’t win this contest. Big Deal. The real prize is having Our Lord Jesus smiling down at me. If I can’t make him happy. Then it’s not worth it.

Blessing my Friends.


2 comments on “Back to Business

  1. This sounds a bit more like the Gwyn that I am getting to know through Allen School, you know her I’m sure, she’s the one who picks up the glass that’s half full and goes on.
    You have no idea what you are growing to mean to me

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