Religion, Spirituality and George Washington

Today my son and I got to talking about the above picture and quote from George Washington. Some of the things I believe in and some of the things he believes frequently bang head on like a couple of big horn sheep. bearing this in mind (I am going to make some comments that may get me thrown out of the American Christian Fiction Writers.) BUT I can not and will not let this one slide.

So this is my rebuttal or logic. Jason on the text from today. When the above quote was written roughly some Two hundred and thirty-six years ago. George Washington was not describing the all-powerful church. He was talking guidance for the leaders that was coming forth to lead a new nation. (Yea go read the preamble of the Constitution again.) He was talking about using the teachings of our Lord as a way of setting guidelines of right or wrong. Keeping each of us on what should have been the straight and narrow when dealing with the circumstances of right or wrong.

“Old I can not tell a lie,” George Washington believed not in the political commentary between two factions, or what the different churches thought about something. He was talking about what you try to teach your daughters, what all parents try to teach their children. RIGHT FROM WRONG, Sovereign nation, and Freedom.

You made some good points to-day (Here is where I may get kicked out of my ACFW.) about how religion try to be controlling. You know for a fact that I believe in the Lord. I believe in the spirituality of the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am not a regular church goer mainly because I haven’t found a Religion (the proper formed church that has the right to tell me what I can and can’t do.) Now I am not putting down any said religion. If one person gets one iota of something out of it that puts him on the right track to a better life. He can worship at the Church of the Holy Purple People eaters for all I care.

To this day I do not feel that any one group, any one faction, has the right to tell me what I believe in.(That includes you Jason) I also don’t believe that a Catholic Priest should or can tell people how they should live in their marriage when the said Priest hasn’t ever been married. (Hey if the Catholics want to trust the guy that’s their business.) Organized religion has its place in a lot of people’s lives. I’m all for that. Just not in mine at the moment.

I personally got saved by going through a really rough time and listening to a Gaither Vocal Band Cd. I asked our Lord Jesus Christ for help and he entered my life. I did go on to a church and was baptized. I continually fight day in and day out to keep the spirituality and Joy that I received from that particular instance. I don’t find the peace and joy sitting in a room full of opinionated people who continue to try to tell me how I should be living my life. When those same up righteous people are out on Saturday night getting drunker than I ever thought about getting.

The people who truly believe in our lord Jesus and all his teachings use their Spirituality to teach. but not by cramming their opinions down people’s throats. I guess Jason what I’m trying to say is the Religion is controlling the Spiritualism of it isn’t.

The point of gay marriage will be fought over and over again, just as abortion will, just as the slavery was. (Yeah I know but go read the emancipation proclamation speech of President Abe Lincoln) and we will have a whole new can of worms to open and argue over.

To quote one more time.
“May God Bless us everyone.” Charles Dickens (The Christmas Carol)

I sit and wonder.

Recently I have to sit and wonder about this world of ours. I find it hard to understand. One minute we are okay.
Then the next every thing is in chaos. Let me give you examples.

Everything is good at the Olympics. (Praise God for that.)But here at home. Everything is going absolutely crazy.
Since the first of May we have encountered one of the worst droughts in the history of the Midwest. The government crop insurance
is not supposed to cover an area as big as Ohio to Kansas, and Nebraska to Austin Texas.
We have wildfires burning up houses and right up to the edge of Colorado Springs, Co, Aurora Co. has massacre in a theater.

We have floods in some areas for the East Coast, along with the Zombie Plague(People literal eating the flesh of people’s faces.)
Parents killing their children, 18 and 20 year olds killing each other. (with an attitude of I’m bragging about it.)

It does make me wonder what our children or grandchildren will see in their lifetime. Is mother earth getting ready to take back whats hers.
If she is the human race will be the loser in the grand scheme of things.

The first ten years of the 2000’s have been mighty interesting. So what’s next? With everything that has gone on, I might just have to stick around to see
what happens next.




The above video should be played every day to our children and their children. We have become a nation so worried about offending someone else that we are forgetting our own rights. Isn’t it time to take back what we believe in.

Now I’m not talking about another Civil War I’m not even Talking about the fight against conservative or Democrat. I’m taking about Taking back the Right to believe in whatever we want.

The believe that standing behind the President because it was the right thing to do. You did it because you were a American. You did it because it had to be done.

You didn’t go out and start a fight but by Heaven you didn’t walk away from one. You stood up in what you believed in.

You went to church on Sunday, You played baseball, You took off your hat covered your heart and with pride you said THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE.

And in the name of all that is Holy some of our children doesn’t even know the words to the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE.

It’s not allowed in schools, prayer isn’t allowed in some peoples eyes anywhere.

How many of us can remember the words to Amazing Grace. How Great Thou Art. The words to the Ten Commandments. The words to God Bless America. Battle Hymn of the Republic.

People We have to take back what we believe in. We have to take back our Pride, Our Dignity, Our Country. Our Rights as human beings.


Self Worth

In the past I have suffered from Self Worth Problems. Let’s face it in school we all had the fears that we weren’t smart enough, pretty enough, athletic enough. We never could be popular enough for every one to like us. Just when our own thoughts let go half mad.

Then there was the ones who decided it was more fun to pick on someone else so they could feel better about themselves. I often was on the receiving end of that very type of situation. Mainly because I had a last name that lead to a lot of teasing. If I said something about it at home. I was told to grow up and not worry about it. They only tease you because they like you.

Well more years later than I can remember. I have found out  that a lot of the situation I brought on myself. I wasn’t particularly friendly, I was hateful, In fact it is a wonder that any one at all ever spoke to me and that includes my Hubby, my family. I didn’t like me.

Well a lot of that changed when I begged for help from our Lord Jesus. I had a pretty rough time because of a shyness that made me almost nonexistent, and I suffered from depression. Plus a couple of minor health problems that didn’t help matters.

So it all began to change when I asked Jesus into my life. The depression and emptiness that I had for so many years  left. The guilt eventually went by the wayside. my life turned around. I have been married for 25 years to a man that has stood by me no matter what.

Here is what I have learned out of this.

I accept the truth that I was created in God’s image. (Genesis 1:27)

I accept myself as acceptable to Christ. (Romans 15:7)

I accept what I cannot change about myself. (Romans9:20-21)

I accept the fact that I will make mistakes (Philippians3:12-14)

I accept criticism and the responsibility for Failure. (Psalm 32:5)

I accept the fact that I will not be liked or loved by everyone (John 15:18-20)

I accept the unchangeable circumstances in my life. (Philippians 4:11)

You know the picture lately from Jason Crabb  says it all:



Photo: OK, this is GREAT! Ya' gotta share this one - a LOT!

Thank you Jason for this it is worth so much to me.

Colorado Massacre Because “I am the JOKER.”

The Colorado shooting has set everyone into a shock. Who would have thought in our country someone would walk in and perform such a massacre in the one place most people feel safe in going.
The local theater for some Comic Book fun, A Batman movie. Something that was to renew our faith in a crime free society. Where the good guys win and there is even the slightest hint of a romance between two of the characters.

A movie is supposed to get you away from all the troubles of todays society. It isn’t supposed to draw you in where a madman can gun you down. The people were there to have fun to root for Batman. To Howl at the bad guys. Is this the way we want our children to remember “The Dark Knight.” It wasn’t the actors, the movie production crew or the producers that caused this to happen. But unfortunately what should have been a multi million dollar movie. I am afraid will now makes its overall money on blue ray and netflix. Because a lot of parents won’t take their families to see it now.

I guess I’m scared that this will make people afraid to go into sit down theaters. It bothers me that what should have been an evening of fun has stolen at least twelve lives and wounded so many others. Does any one want to tell the two young boys of the 26-year-old father that some one took their father’s life because he thought he was the “JOKER”

Has our society gone so rabid with madness that a simple movie can cause so much carnage in our lives? This wasn’t a war, a terrorist attack, This was a sick monster that took lives for no reason other than he thought He was the “JOKER”

I pray there is a Heavenly Father because if the families of the wounded and dead ever get their hands on the man who did this. He won’t leave the court-house alive. Does he even realize what he has done? Does he even care. I can’t get my mind around this. It’s senseless act of absolute stupidity that will cost the man who did this his life if he is convicted of 12 counts of homicide, and several dozen assaults with a deadly weapon. The man should at the very least spend the rest of his life in the Colorado State Hospital in Pueblo. He has ruined his life all of the victims and their families not to mention his own families.

Dear Heavenly Father please provide care for the families of Colorado.


Got My Grades.

It’s been right at Six weeks since my last classes ended. Today I finally got the report on my grades. I knew what I had but it’s nice to know that I was right that I still have an A avg. I fully well have to give credit where credit is due.

I have never been a good student. So to come up with an A avg in my opinion is a miracle and the credit for it goes to the Heavenly Father.
Oh sure I am putting in the study sessions. But for it to be sinking in that comes from the Father.

I already have a medical assisting diploma from twenty-five years ago. I never used it because I got in the semi with my husband. In that course I enjoyed Coding.
and 25 years later I still enjoy coding.

So let’s face fact if after 25yrs. I can go back to school and make A’s. I can tell you that our Lord Jesus and our Heavenly Father have a lot to do with it.