Questions from New Writer’s or People who don’t have a Clue?

As a writer we have found there is so many things that has to be taken care of.
Do we blog or do we not, But if we don’t how can we build a platform for people to follow.
Do upgrade from a blog to a website, and how do we know the time is right to do so.
Do we hire an editor? Isn’t that what the publishers do?
When do I win a contest but How do I enter a contest?
Do I have the right not to send in a book that is requested by an agent if I’m not happy with it? What if it’s my only chance to get an agent?
How do I know what I should be writing about? Do I have to stick to one Genre?
Can I call an agent and pitch my story on the phone?
I’ll just go self publish online and I won’t need a anybody but me. (If I had a dime for every time I have heard that I’d be at least a cup of Starbucks coffee richer)
(Grammer Lessions I writes good enough I don’t need no editor,Why would I need that?)

All experienced authors, novelists, agents and publishers have heard everyone of the above questions. So Here is my response to all of them.
1. There is no manual for the answers to these questions. The answer is Read everything you can about writing. (Specifically the three Following. Stephen King on writing, Anything by James Scott Bell, and Writer’s Digest books and magazines)
2.Listen to people who are successful (network in groups like American Christian Fiction Writer’s and the Romance Writer’s Association)
3.Read some of the agents blogs, and websites- know what they want before you approach them. It will be the best way to not feel foolish.
4. Watch the You Tube videos by James Scott Bell they will give you invaluable information on how to proceed.
5. Contests yes after you have polished every word. twenty times and spell checked a minimum of forty times.
6. Blog or not to blog or turning to a web site to build a platform- I have heard pro and cons both ways.
7. Never Never Never Call and agent to pitch a story. Read their website for how to pitch them a manuscript. IT IS UNDER SUBMISSIONS
8. Read everything again on publishing on online. (again Writer’s Digest, James Scott Bell)

Remember: Read, Write, keep the Faith and Believe in your work, and Believe in Our God and Jesus


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