The Colorado Fire, worry about Friends and Family.

The talk this week is the Colorado Fires. We seem to all know someone in the Colorado Springs area. I feel this a little more because My sons Jason and Ben and their kids Brandon, Katy, and Laura live in Colorado Springs. I just talked to Jason and they watched houses go up in the fire yesterday the area where he has several friends. So do I here is what I know. According to the news that I have it is still west of I-25. They are trying to keep it west of Colorado Springs. But if the winds pick up the way its been predicted. There are no guarantees.

So Please Dear Heavenly Father:
Keep Every one out there safe in you hands. As a Mom and a Grandmother it scares me. As a writing Friend to Rachelle Gardner please keep her husband safe as he fights the wildfires. To Rachelle, Evangeline Denmark, and everyone else in Colorado in or out of the line of the fires. (there are six of them burning.)

thank you for your love and kindness. Amen

Blessings All.

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