When was the last time you saw hope? Was it in your child’s eyes? Was it from the elderly woman down the street when she thought you might stop and talk. Was it from you dog that had been cooped up all day and was wanting to go outside with you and play.
When was the last time you saw hope? From the little girl that keeps her nose pressed against the window of her grandmother’s house waiting for the mother that’s not coming back.

When did you see hope? Was when the clouds gathered and the farmer walked out side looking for the rain. Was it on the faces of the people in Colorado waiting on the hope that they can get the wildfires under control so that their houses don’t burn.

Is it with the man that has fallen to his knees to pray for the woman he loves that is lying in the hospital waiting on the news of the test that the doctor brings to them.
Or is it the face of someone who doesn’t look for it any longer. They have given up hope, faith and love just to survive.

So the next time any of us start thinking there is no hope. Stop and think about this. There is hope for he died on the Cross so many years ago.

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