I miss the old Days!

I miss the days when we showed our pride in our country by standing with our hands over our hearts and repeating the Pledge.
I miss the days when we sang The Star Spangled Banner with pride and gusto, and received a swat from our parents if we didn’t.
I miss the days when we treated our Military with respect and love. I miss the days when every little boy wanted to be a soldier, fireman or policeman.

I miss the days when our children wanted to be outside for no other reason than it was more fun outside than to be forced in doors.
I miss the days of make-believe,dress up, and little league because we wanted to play not because the parents had to force us.
I miss the day of using our imagination. I was told to find something to do

I miss going to the barn and watching the baby pigs, the baby calves, and a foal or two playing in the spring sunshine.
I miss having to put up the hay, clean out the barns. Help my mother clean up after the milking was done.
I miss having to paint the board fence that ran down our driveway. It was better than having to do the house work.
How many time did I help scrap down a piece of farm equipment then paint it with Rustoleum.

I miss helping pick tomatoes, green beans and helping can them. Everything is in tin and it tastes like it when you buy from the store.

All the new technology is fine. It is very helpful. But I miss the old Days.

One comment on “I miss the old Days!

  1. I remember those free safe times. Great article.

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