Good Gospel is Good Music No matter the genre!!!

(Southern, Contemporary, Traditional and just Gospel)

You can call it what you will. But let’s face fact folks singing and praising our Lord is the right thing to do. It really doesn’t matter which genre is your favorite as long as you get the meaning of the song and use to pursue our Lord and Savior Jesus.

Okay there are some that absolutely cannot stand Southern Gospel. (The Gaithers are the first ones that came to mind.) But let me tell you folks it was because of the Gaither Vocal Band and a really bad time in my life that I asked our Lord Jesus into my life. (So yes that does make me a bit prejudiced in this area.) Southern Gospel musicians make you feel their love of God and Jesus. (Anyone that has ever heard The McCameys sing will agree to that). Vestal and Howard Goodman, Ivan Parker, The Nelons, Gold City, The Booth Brothers, Cathedrals are just a few of the one that I truly like.
But I also am smart enough to know that it doesn’t matter what you listen to if it brings you closer to the lord that’s all that matters. While I don’t understand the all the fuss about the praise and worship songs that are used today I haven’t listened to every single one of the Praise and worship songs. It doesn’t give me the right to put it down.

So I listen and try to keep an open mind. All music that worships the Lord is beautiful. I mentioned Southern Gospel I also like Kirk Franklin, Kathy Trocolli, Bob Carlisle, Mercy Me, Juanita Bynum, Twila Paris, Nicole C. Mullen, Steve Green, (did any of you know that he started out as a Gaither Vocal Band member?), Steven Curtis Chapman, Selah these are just a few of what I like. May I also mention Yolanda Adams, and dc talk, (did I mention Toby Mac?).

My point to this all kinds of music works. It doesn’t matter what your favorite is if it get the point to you about the love of our savior Jesus Christ. If it gets the word of God out there or if it makes you start looking into the word of God. Then it’s done its job.
I’m closing this Blog with the following: In Christ Alone. I don’t know where it started or what genre it came from. But let’s face folks Good Music is Good Music.


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