To upgrade blog to a dot com or stay a lowly blog?

I would really like some input from my established writers on this. Granted I am not published. So I wonder if I have the right to even consider moving for with a dot com. I mean other than my blogging what do I have to show. I don’t have an agent, a current title that’s out and zooming up the best-selling lists in any genre.

By the same token I am interested in getting my name out there so some day when I do publish (whether it be electronic or print) I will have people that want more of me because they have read my page and want more of me. (Well if a girl’s going to dream she might as well dream big.)

Can or do I need a dot com? I mean after all I am not even full time writer right now. Why would Gwyn Weyant need a dot com, I blog every night, but am I doing it enough to warrant the expense? It would put out there on all search engines that I do like. I am getting a few followers.

Would it hurt to try? Can I keep up with a dot com? I don’t have a major platform. But will I be able to build one if I don’t.  Should I wait till I get that publishing deal that I just know is going to happen. Or do I wait until I make that first big splash.

This is going to take some considering, thinking, and mauling over. So please everyone who reads this Please, Please, Please let me have some feedback on when you got your, or if you maintain a

So dear friends I thank you in advance. (And please don’t laugh to hard at this I’m perfectly serious about this. I need your opinions.)



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