What happened to the common sense?

What happened to the days of good old common sense? I see and hear of people doing some of the silliest things and the outcome is just short of comical. Where is the common sense of a car passing a semi-truck to jump back in front of him and slam on his brakes. That isn’t a joke that’s just a death wish waiting to happen.

This week I have read articles on parents doing things like shooting children/teenagers up with dope. Another article told of a man leaving an eighteen month old home with a bowl of cereal as he went off to work. A local story that I heard about told of the parents locking a senior in high school up every night and half starving him until some of the family stepped in and took them to court.

We wonder why today’s kids act the way they do. It’s because they only do what they see the parents do. The disrespect is the same disrespect they are shown. Granted you’ll have a bad apple that just won’t learn. I don’t believe that all kids are that way.After being on the road for twenty five years as half of a professional driving team, I get more respect out of the teenagers than I do out of the so called professionals out here.

Going into a restaurant a fortyish well-dressed business man pushed in front of me to much in a hurry to get to the bar and his friends to realize he practically ran over a woman who was obviously in her 80’s. There was a young man going in about the same time who caught the woman before she fell. He not only caught the woman but helped her to the car while her daughter got the car open. He was there to have dinner for his fourteenth birthday.

My question is what happened to the common sense? This young man obviously had some. I can’t say much about the man that shoved his way into the restaurant. I would like to say to the parents of the young man. He is twice the man than Mr. Big Power suit will ever be.

So keeping this in mind, let’s get back to basics. Let’s get back to Please and Thank you. Let’s get back to the common sense and the Golden Rule. We were all taught it It’s in the book on the book shelf that is covered with dust. In Matthew 7:12. May I suggest we all get the book out and read what it says? If you don’t have one it can be found at the local library, in most hotel rooms, and in nearly every waiting room. I think we need to talk a few minutes and read it again. It’s called the Bible.


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