Music sparks my imagination.

I have been sitting here listening to my favorite Andre Bocelli song. It’s gotten me to thinking, What kind of music sparks my imagination? I mean we have all had songs that take you back to another time place or era. Let’s face fact who doesn’t hear the Gibb Brother’s “Night Music” and not go back to the disco era. For me it takes me back to college. I spent way to many nights in the student union attempting not to make a fool out of myself on the dance floor.

I guess as a writer I find myself looking for  ideas anywhere I can find them. Music of all kinds makes my thoughts go wild.  Whether it’s a standard from Frank Sinatra or the Love theme from Romeo and Juliet. Music gives us the permission to let our inner muse loose to run free. It doesn’t have to be a specific type, Classical, instrumental, rock, country, to the music of our lives. They all make us feel something or invoke timeless memories, Good or bad.

How many of us can listen to Andrea Bocelli and not fall in love. His voice wrings so much passion and romance out of a single song that “Besame Mucho” makes me tear up every time I hear it. Just like John Phillip Sousa wants to make you march. Both invoke very different emotions. But are they so different? Granted Sousa gets you marching that may get you to thinking about our soldiers going to war. While “Besame Mucho” is a love song. A song that will make you think of  the scene from Here to Eternity on the beach or those same soldier’s leaving there sweethearts.

The emotions brought forth with music are powerful, it can make you happy, sad, romantic, have fun, feel sexy. Give you new insight to our heavenly father. Make you feel like playing air guitar. Go drink a beer in a mason jar or red solo cup.

Makes you take your hat off for the Star Spangled Banner,America the Beautiful and Battle Hymn of the Republic. Makes you fighting mad when someone talks about our country and puts her down or worse talks about our flag.

You cry with “He stopped loving her today”, get melancholy with “Apartment number 9”, it make you want to go live and love in the west when you hear “El Paso”. It can teach you things about modern day life if you listen to the words of Billy Joel’s “We didn’t start the fire.”

Music make us think about our lives, Husbands, wives, and most of all our children. What are they listening to and is fit to be listen to. I’m not hear to get into an argument about Rap, or if modern day Christian is better than Southern Gospel. (That argument is just as heated as the Rap issue in its own right.)

Music makes the world go round and makes us think or use are imagination. It doesn’t matter if it’s old new, Latin, American, or out of Russia. The point is music comes closer to being what makes us tick than anything else on earth. (Oh please I’m not going into the political or religious discussions.)

Music is our lives from Broadway to Miami, New Orleans, to L.A., It doesn’t matter the topic, the singer, the group, old, new or from another country. Music makes this world go round. Where would Star Wars have been without great music or even a better example Star Trek.



One comment on “Music sparks my imagination.

  1. This is great! your and awesome writer and have the ability to write with feelings, I went through and read a lot of you stuff. Thinking about doing this, don’t know if I can write as good as you but going to try. Keep up the great work!!! Love this you have a faithful reader, coming back to read more. God Bless!!!

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