If I had it to do all to over again.

I would be more serious about my school studies.
I would listen to my older members of my family.
I would get rid of the chip that I had on my shoulder during School.
I wouldn’t let people intimidate me like I have for nearly forty years.
I would be brave enough to speak my mind and laugh when people didn’t understand.
I would not hide behind the ideas of a gone by era and I wouldn’t live my live the way others
thought I should live it. I would live it for me.
I would smile more, love more, and worry less.
I would have joined the debate team and drew closer to my high school classmates.
I would show my feelings, laughed at life, and learned to like ME…
I would have turned to Jesus a long time before I did.

I will still question everything I see.
I will laugh at life. Learn all I can.
and I will belong to the human race as a child of God.
I will explore all possibilities and live life to the fullest.
I want to see the world’s wonderment through childlike eyes.
I will go after my dreams, and
Find that I do like me.

Blessings all

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