I’m tired and the things I think about at 3:00 in the morning.

I am tired and my mind won’t shut down so I can sleep. I feel like I’m talking to a child that keeps asking questions.Maybe it’s because I’m a writer I can’t seem to turn it off, but part of me doesn’t want to. If I did where would my ideas come from? Things like the wonderful conversations I have with my male characters.
“Face it Reid Your a first class jerk.. Lesa will never love you like I can.”
or “Mommy when’s Daddy coming home?” the look in the child’s eyes tore into Jenna’s heart . How could she tell this sweet girl her Daddy wasn’t ever coming home.”

I close my eyes and envision being on a hillside and looking down over the meadow below a light with lightening bugs, or is the fairies coming out to play.
I walk through a deep green forest and wonder if you could fall asleep and be transported to another time and place. Could you hear the faint humming of bugs the the hot humid air. Or was it the faint chorus of a choir. Was that a cannon in the back ground, or a distant train whistle. Am I waiting on a kiss or am I waiting with a pistol to kill the man that killed the man I loved. Did he do the dirty deed or have I confused him with someone else?

Do I stay and fight for the family ranch or will I be forced into marriage with a man that I can’t ever love. Or will he be the savior of my heart or the cruel evil man that I believe him to be. Am I a proper lady in Paris, or London dressed in the finest silks and satins. Or am I dressed in a course weave that makes you itch, perhaps burlap would work. Do I have hands that are raw from the cold or are they soft.

What about the scoundrel that drove my darling away and threw me and my little brother and sister into the street. Will she find the love that left her some twenty years earlier or will she continue in the flat about the bakery sewing for others. How did I get to drive cross country with a man in an eighteen wheeler only to find out as I get out of the rig that I love him and the dreams I have been chasing I’d found in my own heart.

Okay, it’s time to get some sleep before I start a new story…. Hmm, He stood six foot five broad shoulder narrow hips and when he smiled, he mad me so mad that I could just scream. Until he kissed me.
Hmm that give me things to dream about.

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