Never enough time!!!

I have decided that there is never enough time. If I spend time with my Hubby. There isn’t enough time to write.
If I write there isn’t enough time to do my studies. If I do my studies there isn’t enough time to get the house work and Laundry done.
Then it’s back to my hubby and time to go to bed.

I’d lobby for the 36 hour day but they’d just make me work 30 of it. So how do I catch up? I don’t know haven’t figured it out. Have figured out that my hubby isn’t the answer.
He is to the place that when he gets home he doesn’t anymore time than I have. But I have decided that the only way to handle it is make every step count.

Okay the writing is slow. I hope my friends will still read by blog now that I’m doing it again. It may not be out every day and maybe just once a week.
That remains to be seen. The grades have to come first. but I put another 200 to 1000 words on a story as often as I can. It’s the only way I can keep my sanity.

So here’s to all you ladies and Gentlemen that write on a full time basis. May the good lord keep you grounded and the words flow freely.
Just remember I may be behind in my writing. But I am out there chasing you for all I’m worth. I just hope to catch you one day. (not likely but I can always hope.)

I am going to miss the ACFW writers conference this year. (So sad about that I miss you guys.) But I plan to be at next years when it’s back at Indianapolis.

So until then Keep a fresh piece of paper in the printer. Because that’s the only way to see it finished. (That current work in progress. That is.)



“Writing Fiction you parents can be proud of.”

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