Today is Father’s Day

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My Dad left us 25 yrs ago in October. Who was Norman Qualkinbush? He was strong, funny,loving. He added children to our family as if they were his own. Don, Charlie, Jim, Billy, and Ralph were just a few that were members of our extended family. He was a thinker, planner, farmer, a Ford man. He worked at Ford, Caterpillar,the farm, and did everything that my Mom told him to do.
My Dad loved my Mom married in 1950. they moved from Orange County Indiana, to Indianapolis. He went to work for Allison’s for a time and then got a job Ford Motor Car Company. He and my mom went back to farming in 1968 in Mooresville IN. At first it was the pigs, and pony’s and lots of corn. While he worked the job at Ford.

They went to milking somewhere around 1970 I can’t just remember, but I do remember that while he worked the job in town. Mom milked 50 to a 100 Head of Holstein cows. He’d come in and help with the row cropping and finish helping Mom clean up before he went to bed so he could go back to town. He and Mom put two girls through school on that Farm. Ford offered Dad early retirement and he was retired for about a year when he got the opportunity to go help put in the new Caterpillar plant in Lafayette, Indiana. They lived up there for about five years.

He loved being with his grandson Bobby, and He passed before Alec was born. He would love the fact that they share birthdays.

So Dad this is to let you know that I love you. I’m still Daddy’s Girl- Love you, Happy Father’s Day.

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